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Do you know what is the average price of a second -hand bicycle?

Do you know what is the average price of a second -hand bicycle?

Do you know what is the average price to sell a second -hand bicycle in Spain? And what type of bicycle is the one that has the most demand? In Tuvalum we have drawn the calculator and we started analyzing the sale data of the second -hand market in 2016. The first conclusion we have obtained is that the Spaniards are increasingly preferred to bet on higher ranges bicycles before the cheapest. Specifically, at average price of a second -hand bicycle on our website in 2016 it was 1,015 euros. A moment ... But how the price of a second -hand bike is more than 1,000 euros if there are new ones, of competitive ranges below that price? The explanation is that "second hand" no longer means "very used", or "worn", nor any of the adjectives that have traditionally been associated with sale products. A few years ago, second -hand websites were considered markets where sellers detached themselves from what no longer served them. They were mostly articles that were taking dust on the storage room, which had some tara or that, directly, left over. Even today this phenomenon happens on many second -hand online platforms. Just look for the word "bicycle" in some of the most popular to find authentic irons. However, the boom that has experienced cycling in recent years in our country is changing the trend. There are more and more cyclists and triathletes than what they are looking for is not a cheap bicycle, but a bicycle that adapts to its training and competition demands. In other words, that when they go to the second -hand market they do not conform to anything, but increasingly seek higher ranges bicycles. Trek bicyclesHence, in 2016 the average price of a second -hand bicycle exceeds 1,000 euros. The best selling were those of the segment of Mountainbike. One in two bicycles (exactly 50.76%) that were sold was for the practice of mountain cycling, with an average price of € 952. With regard to 'skinny' route or bicycles of cycotourism, the average price was somewhat less (947 euros). The most expensive, as expected, are the 'goats' of triathlon or counterreloj, with 1,733 euros on average.

The most desired

What bicycles were the most demanded by Spaniards in the second -hand market? With the sales data we have analyzed, some trends are observed. The most obvious: that almost no one buys mountain bicycles with wheels of 26 ", unless the price is extraordinarily low or that is a bicycle specifically indicated for descent or enduro. Cannondales Therefore, if four years ago you spent 2,000 euros on an XC bicycle with 26 "wheels, we have bad news for you: even if you have a rally mounting assembly, you will hardly get more than € 900 for it in the best of cases . The explanation of this devaluation is at the rise of the bicycles of 29 ". The most demanded, in addition, have double suspension. For this reason it is now a good time to take advantage and get a good rigid or semi rigid MTB with 27 wheels of 27 wheels ,5". If we talk about asphalt, without any doubt the most desired bicycles were carbon, with shimano 105 or ultegra change and less than 4 years old for between € 700 and € 1,000. Eye! Keep in mind that this study is on Subndaman Bicycles for Cycloturism, Mountain Bike and Triathlon. Urban, fixies or children are not taken into account.
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