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Can you imagine that Strava also had a rear view camera?

Can you imagine that Strava also had a rear view camera?

When you go by bicycle, how many times do you turn your neck and look back to see where your classmates are? And how many occasions have you been about to fall or have suffered any mishap precisely for looking back? The American company Smart Bike has developed a device that avoids having to turn your head when you go by bicycle. Is about Hexagon, a small HD camera that attaches to the armchair. The device sends the images through an application to the mobile phone and transforms it into a rearview mirror. In this way, just take the mobile coupled to the handlebar to, at a glance, see what is happening behind. It is as if Strava incorporated a rear view camera. The company that has developed it seeks financing to market it in series, since at the moment it is in a prototype phase. According to its creators, the objective is to improve the safety of usual bicycle users, both those who go out to train and compete and those who use it daily as a means of urban transport. The Hexagon application not only converts the mobile screen into a rear view camera, but also provides data such as the distance traveled, the route or calories consumed, in the style of other sports applications such as Strava either Endoming. The device also incorporates a 6,000 mAh battery to recharge the mobile, something that is very useful for cyclists who make long routes and often run out of battery on the phone. In addition, it is planned to launch a version with lights and intermittent. https://youtu.be/oMQQYBkWARw
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