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Are you looking for a MTB test for the month of August? Sign up for the climb at 3 hermitages

Are you looking for a MTB test for the month of August? Sign up for the climb at 3 hermitages

The Second edition of the BTT march up at 3 hermitages It will take place on August 19 in the Turolense town of Cañizar del Oliver. The departure will be taken at nine in the morning in the Plaza del Cañizar. The proof Organized by the Environmental Association 'El Acebo', which has designed two different routes depending on the level of the runners. There will be a 45 kilometers route, with 1,150 meters of accumulated positive slope, and another of 25 km. (700 meters of unevenness). The climb to the 3 hermitages is part of the II environmental jonadas that are held in the Aragonese town between the next 19 and 22 of August. The organization has introduced some variations in the layout that will allow participants to enjoy even more of the environment.
Tuvalum invites you to participate in this test with the friend you choose. We raffle a pack of 2 free inscriptions!
The tour takes place through the region of the mining basins and is very varied. A good part of it runs through the upper area of ​​the town, more than a thousand meters of altitude and in roads surrounded by Carrascas and Pinares. The name of the test already indicates that three climbing will have to be faced to many other hermitages. That of San Juan, that of the Virgen de Oto (in the municipality of Torre de las Arcas), and the third, that of San Bernabé, which is crowned at an altitude of 1,400 meters and offers incredible views. Only the long route allows you to upload the three difficulties, while in the short one it will only be promoted to San Bernabé, which is the toughest and most demanding. The objectives of the organization are to publicize the beauty of the area, and transmit respect to the environment. As a culmination of this test, a popular meal will be offered in the town's camping. In addition, a Master Class on the maintenance of the mountain bike. Everything is incentives to join this non -competitive test. If you want to take the exit, Tuvalum makes it easy for you. We raffle a pack of 2 free inscriptions to enjoy the test with the friend you choose. To participate in the draw Click here.
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