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Are you able to pedal more than 890 kilometers in 24 hours?

Are you able to pedal more than 890 kilometers in 24 hours?

896 kilometers and 173 meters in 24 hours. That was the record that completed the Austrian cyclist Christoph Strasser and has earned him to beat the world record of distance traveled by bicycle in a single day and outdoors. To get an idea of ​​what the deed represents, 896 kilometers is the distance that Oviedo separates from Cádiz by road. Strasser rolled an average of 37 kilometers per hour and 250 watts of power over the asphalt of Tempelhof, the old Berlin airport. The absence of wind and weather helped him get his challenge, exceeding the previous brand in more than 50 kilometers, which was in possession of Slovenian Jure Robic, who in 2004 had traveled 840 kilometers in 24 hours. Christoph Strasser During the first 8 hours of the challenge he rolled 40 kilometers per hour. Although the wind was favorable and did not have to fight against weather inclement, it did have to face the excess of public that crowded on the track to see the Strasser feat live. Some fans even accompanied him with their respective bicycles for several kilometers. "The main problem in the first hours were the thousands of fans there. I'm glad they didn't cause an accident." Strasser had a puncture with his bicycle during the test, although that did not prevent him from slashing the record record on asphalt in 24 hours. "Apart from the puncture, I have not had any other technical or physical problem, although naturally I felt tired and cold at night."
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