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8 simple routines to prevent cycling injuries

8 simple routines to prevent cycling injuries

The injuries are the worst enemy of every athlete. In cycling, in which mental strength plays such an important role, they even go beyond physical ailment and sometimes affect the mood. That is why all the tips to avoid them will never be enough. We offer you a series of simple recommendations with which you can save you many days in the dry dock and the disgust that this entails.

Choose the right bicycle

Each bicycle is designed for specific use. Using a mountain to make kilometers on the road is equally advisable as using a model without damping in unequal terrain and jumps. The type of bicycle has the same importance in cycling as the type of shoe in running. And in the same way that you would not wear sandals or shoes 3 sizes smaller than yours to run a marathon, the typology and bicycle size is very important to prevent injuries. Learn to choose the correct bicycle size depending on your height and your measures and correctly adjust the handlebar and armchair. Wearing a bigger or smaller bicycle than your body's proportions is an almost safe bet to suffering an injury.   Bicycle animation

Do not skip your heating

Have you noticed that the most experienced cyclists always heat in a roller before each stage? That is because they know how important it is and because, like everyone else, surely when they had less experience they ever paid expensive to skip their heating. Performing a soft and progressive exercise before taking our cardiovascular system and our joints to an effort is key to avoiding injuries. You will also easily check that heating improves your performance.

Do not neglect what you eat and how you eat it

We are increasingly aware of the importance of nutrition in all sports and the relationship between what we take to the mouth and injuries. Drinking avoids dehydration and all symptoms associated with it, such as muscle cramps, but also eating in a varied and compensated way is basic to maintain our strong and free immune immune system. sandwich It consumes all food groups in the amounts you need based on your level of demand and values ​​the consumption of supplements with an expert. An optimal nutrition is a injury prevention factor.

Give the rest the importance it deserves

Sleeping a minimum of 7 hours is essential to combat muscle fatigue and give time to what body and mind recover before they strive on the bicycle. Sleeping the immune system weakens and favors lesions due to muscle stress. Nor do you stop the naps, a head of between 15 and 25 minutes increase mental and physical performance, in addition to improving concentration and mood. Cyclist in bed

Watch the overcoming

Have you noticed a drop in your performance that you don't know what to blame? Do you have not resting well for some time and you show you irritable for no reason? Do you have little appetite? Does your immune system suffer easily? All of them can be symptoms that you have fallen into the oversight. Like many injuries, they are produced by not training enough, there are also injuries that are consequences of excess training.   neck injury If this is the case, your cortisol (hormone that destroys proteins) will have risen too much. It is time to reth inside. >>> These are the risks of triathlon oversight >>> Learn to prevent tibial periostitis

Work your muscles away from the bicycle

Our two -wheeled friend forces us to repeat countlessly a series of repetitive exercises. Although cycling is a complete sport, this makes certain muscles work much more than others. Why not work those other muscles in a gym or in our own home? Having resistant and strong muscles (and we are not talking about bulky) will help our tendons and joints to better endure the effort and, therefore, to get away from tendonitis, sprains and dislocations. >>> Four tips to avoid joint injuries when you ride a bicycle

Amateur cyclist

the importance of accesories

We do not need to tell you how important the use of the helmet is to avoid all kinds of blows and impacts on the head. Of all the accessories that can avoid injuries, it may be the most obvious, but it is not the only one. When you get on the bicycle you must check the wear of your shoes templates, make sure your sunglasses protect you from ultraviolet rays or check that the fists maintain their absorption capacity.

A bicycle is a safe bicycle

A tire with little pressure, a worn brake, a change that does not enter ... all this represents a serious risk for you that can lead to an injury or, even worse, in an accident. Discover the five points of your bicycle that you must check every little time And make sure your bicycle is a vehicle that allows you to exercise without risk.
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