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6 security measures that can save your life on the road

6 security measures that can save your life on the road

Although climbing to your bicycle and enjoying cycling should be synonymous with fun, freedom and sport, it is convenient to keep in mind its danger. More than 400 cyclists lost their lives in the last 10 years on the roads of our country. The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has been seeing how accident figures on the two wheels scale positions until they reach too high figures. >>> The stories of 58 cyclists souls who lost their lives on the road According to the same organism, there were 8,294 claims in which there were cyclists involved between 2011 and 2015, which means that accidents are double those in 2010. In 6 out of 10 cases of accident, cyclists had not even made any infraction when the incident occurred. That shows that it is not enough to open your eyes well. Therefore, when you go for pedaling to the road we recommend following these six basic tips to improve your safety. helmet

1. The helmet always, without excuses

Either to make a short distance march or for a longer road training, always use the case. Studies show that Its use reduces up to 85% the damage suffered in the case of accident. Remember that with him you are protecting your head, one of the most vulnerable parts of your body. Choose only homologated or certified helmets in the European Union And remember that you must discard it if you have received any impact. Its components are fatigued by the effect of the ultraviolet rays of the Sun and by the passage of time, so do not hesitate to change it when you detect it.

2. Make sure they see you

Every cyclist must be aware of the importance of being seen by pedestrians, by other cyclists and, especially, car drivers, motorcycles and trucks. The General Regulation of Circulation establishes that It is mandatory that the bicycle has a white light in the front If it circulates at night, and both a red light and a catadioptric, also red, in the rear. If interurban roads are circulated, you must also carry A distinguishable reflective garment from 150 meters away. Night cyclist

3. Alcohol and bicycle are incompatible

Forget the habit of drinking some reeds before returning home after a bike getaway. If you take them, they are without alcohol, because in addition to supposing an important sanction if you are subjected to an breathalyzer test, you will be endangering yourself and the rest of the vehicles. Alcohol, like other drugs, increases the reaction time, damages the psychomotor function and generates a false self -confidence which is the perfect breeding ground to suffer a mishap.

4. Learn to circulate correctly in a group

Remember that since 2015 Cyclists are no longer prohibited from driving on highways and highways provided there is no sign that prevents it. But group circulating through the shoulder of a road of these characteristics does not entail the same risk as it on the main street of your town. That is why it is important that whenever you go out in a group, you surround in a row as long as possible. Even if the regulations allow bicycles to circulate in parallel. Think about it: cars are circulating on the highway 120 kilometers per hour. The place chosen for you on the road will be the shoulder or the closest area to the right of the road. Cyclists

5. Adapt your circulation to the state of the road

Circular through the city can be a path full of traps. From poorly closed sewers to traffic signaling on the ground that slip, especially the rainy days. Adapt your way of leading to what you are on the fly, especially if it is a tour that is the first time you do. On the road Pay attention to potholes and to any possible object that has been able to fall on the road or detach from a vehicle.

6. Leave your concerns away from the bicycle

Nervousness and stress are bad travel companions because they alter your abilities. If you have had a hard day at work or drag personal problems, try to leave them behind and pedal enjoying your favorite sport. Concentrate on the experience of the pedaling will keep you alert In possible risk situations and will make your reflexes greater in case of having to act in tenths of second.
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