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4 things that did not tell you about the organization of a MTB career

4 things that did not tell you about the organization of a MTB career

Mountain cyclist If you have ever participated in a MTB race, surely you have been aware of the tour, rivals and times. To which you will not have paid so much attention to the numerous details that the organizers have thought about, a long time. The truth is that if it were not for that, many competitions of this type would have serious difficulties to get ahead. Moreover, participants could not repeat and that the test disappeared from the calendar. Superpretigio MTB Arnedo Starting a MTB competition entails abundant revolts and concerns, from what date to choose to do it to how to give health coverage or what permits request. >>> What insurance do I need to organize an MTB test? Today we are going to focus on some tasks that are not so obvious, but that are essential for everything to go on wheels.

1. Everyone cannot do the same

How many people do you participate in the organization of the race? And does everyone know what he should do? Delimiting the functions that each member of the organizing committee of such an event must do is essential to avoid conflicts and make the most of what is best given to each person. MTB cyclists The distribution of tasks must be done based on the experience that each person has in the organization of races of this type, of their time or, in the case of those in charge of looking for sponsors, of their knowledge of the companies to be directed. To agree that distribution of chores will prevent some from interfering with the work of others and many misunderstandings.

2. Do not organize a proof that nobody speaks

That your MTB career appears in the largest number of media and has a presence on the Internet depends, in large part, on you. Based the event enough in advance to promote inscriptions and convince sponsors to bet on your career. You should make a media list (press, radio and local, regional or national television), specialized websites and cycling forums. Make a press release and send it to them. Mountainbike cyclists It is also positive to convene a press conference a few days in advance. Prepare the diffusion that you will make of the results, which you can send to the same list of media, websites and forums on the same day of the competition. Although they have many categories, check that they are legible and easy to understand. Your sponsors will greatly appreciate that your commitment to your event has an impact.

3. The biker It is the center of experience

It is of little use to be successful, choose a unique place and prepare the perfect layout for the competition if the participant is not satisfied with the race. In a calendar in which weird is the weekend that does not celebrate a race, The difference between a well -valued competition and another that goes unnoticed can be in details. MTB bikers Make sure the participants have widespread and clean enough, that they have space to attend to their bicycle or that there is somewhere so that their family and friends can follow at least one section of the competition from a comfortable place. A good example of something to what participants lend much more attention than you think is The runner's bag. Worry that it is generous and complete (your sponsors can help you contributing a gift or sample product).

4. Pay attention to accommodation

More and more cycling lovers are, especially fans, who move to hundreds of kilometers to participate in an MTB race because they understand it as A sports getaway in which, even, the whole family accompanies them. Bicycle car To facilitate things, put on their place and think about the needs of accommodation that can be. You can talk to the hotels and hostels in the area, present your career and negotiate discounts and special prices for registered and their families. On the other hand, keep in mind that many Bikers They will move by car to enable spaces in which vehicles can park The day of the test.
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