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360 km by bicycle to claim a safe space between cyclists and cars on the road

360 km by bicycle to claim a safe space between cyclists and cars on the road

On the road there is room for all, for cars and also for bicycles. And that is what a group of cyclists will claim on April 29 through Madrid Valencia Challenge. It is an initiative that aims to give visibility to one of the most frequent problems that cyclists are found on the road: share the road with motor vehicles. To raise awareness that the coexistence between bicycles and cars is possible, a group of cyclists intends to travel on April 29 the distance that separates the door of the Sun from Madrid and the Plaza del City Council of Valencia. The route will be held in a single day, without rest. The organizers of the challenge are trying to involve some professional cyclist. "Those we are looking for is to call for living together, demanding a correct circulation, both cars drivers, and cyclists themselves," says one of those responsible for the initiative. Traffic accidents in which there are cyclists involved grow up to year, according to data collected in 2016 by the Study Center Ponle ROAD SAFETY RISE. In 80 percent of cases the cause is due to distractions. road cyclists The Madrid Valencia challenge supports the #unaleyjusta campaign, through which thousands of signatures have been collected to demand a change in the Criminal Code that hardens drivers who cause accidents with fatal victims of cyclists on the road. In addition to giving visibility to the problem of coexistence between bicycles and cars, and claiming a more civic and respectful behavior between the two groups, the challenge has opened a line of financing with the objective of raising funds to support the campaign that will launch the State Coordinator Conbici, aimed at promoting good practices on the road by both drivers and cyclists. Donations can be made through this link and include a series of rewards, from an official keychain of the test to a commemorative jersey of the challenge. With this action, organizers and Conbici claim to highlight that the good practices of cyclists and other motorized users of public roads can avoid many accidents.
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