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Ximo Catalan: "The Persian Gulf will surely be the world reference for triathlon"

Ximo Catalan: "The Persian Gulf will surely be the world reference for triathlon"

In the Emirates and countries of the Persian Gulf they have proposed to make the triathlon the fashion sport. So much so that Bahrein is willing to distribute $ 1 million in prizes in the triple Crown Series, a professional circuit that consists of three tests in Bahrein himself, in Oman and Dubai. But how is the triathlon in the Middle East? To know we talk to Ximo Catalán, champion of the Kuwait international triathlon in 2014, who since last August lives, trains and competes in that area of ​​the world. What is triathlon in the Persian Gulf? Is there as much hobby and level as in Spain? In Kuwait the level is not superior to Spain, much less. Most people who practice triathlon are usually expatriates, for Kuwaitis they are too hard. In Spain, triathletes are black leg, next to the Australians and Americans. In Dubai there is very little hobby, it does not reach 2% of what is in Spain. It is true that in Arab Emirates and in Barhein a lot is growing. Bahrain will invest 1 million dollars to promote the triathlon. Do you think it can become a country of reference for this sport? Yes, it will surely be the reference. They are going to organize a world series in the Emirates giving the greatest prize in the metallic in the history of triathlon. They are creating a high performance center and the king is an addict of the triathlon. Recently they have announced that the best triathlete of the three Challenge that will be played this year in Dubai, Oman and Bahrain will receive a million dollars. The challenge consist of 1.9 km swimming, 90km by bicycle and 21 km of footing. The one who wins each test will receive $ 200,000 and the best of the three one million. You live in a country where temperatures sometimes exceed 50 degrees. Is it difficult to train outdoors in these conditions? Very difficult, when I arrived on August 20 (2014) I wanted to die. I didn't even try to run, they warned me that I couldn't. The trick is to run on tape by changing training. You can't run 50 minutes on tape as if you run on the street. You have to put it higher to resemble asphalt. When the temperature is more normal, around 32 degrees with 80% moisture, you can start running on the street. After running and on the bicycle I drank 5 drums of 700 cl at an exit.
"In the Persian Gulf people are not very athlete, nor are they accustomed to seeing people running down the street. When they see us training by bicycle they record videos; it seems as if it were the tour"
Do you usually train alone or in company? Just because I have never had a group to train. Last year in Bulgaria I was training with Hrista Stoyneva, champion of the triathlon and aquatlon Balkans. I run without a shirt even if it is not well seen, but it's very hot. In bicycle I usually go out once a week with a group of 20 people. How do people react when you see you training in the street? They make videos. When they see us training by bicycle it seems as if it were the Tour of France, they are not accustomed. There is a lot of overweight and diabetes, they are not very athlete people. There is no culture of sport or sacrifice. What is the background sport for you? What does it bring you on a personal level? For me it is a way of life, a way of considering objectives, trying to achieve them and that at each step overcome me. You get up one day and consider doing 15 kilometers or 20 kilometers. Each training you overcome and you avoid everything cleaning your mind.
"At age 15 I had a tumor; at 18 I fell again and then I signed up for swimming. From there I started doing triathlons,"
How did you start practicing this type of sports? At age 15 they operated on a tumor, they put me a bone graft and at 18 it reappeared and had to clean the area again. Then I signed up for swimming and a test appeared in which my brother competed, I thought if he could too. From there I began to make triathlons. I was training without leaving the swimming club until I decided to be a triathlete instead of swimmer. Was it then that you founded the Morvedre Triathlon Club? The Triathlon Morvedre is created in 2011 when we get together three acquaintances and start with ball and paper to mount the club. The beginnings were hard, but we are very satisfied, because at first we started being about 12 or 15 people and now we are about 70, with about 60 children in the Triathlon school, we organized two autonomous championship and we have several elite athletes among us. Now, as it has grown, I feel very proud to be able to say that in its day we founded the Triathlon Morvedre. In 2014 you left for the Persian Gulf in August and, in the last three months of the year you won the Kuwait international triathlon, I was champion of the Five Start Aquatlon of Abu Dhabi and made a podium in the JLL Sprint Triathlon in Dubai. How do you value your season end? It was a very good year. I am very happy because despite studying and traveling I have been able to continue with the triathlon. I had the opportunity to train with the Bulgarian Triathlon team, I also competed in Australia and in the Spanish Championship I was third. And the final stretch of the season was very good.
"In the triathlete world there are many compulsive buyers that do not use the material; it has happened to me. I have bought and sold second -hand material and I will continue to do it."
What challenges have you marked for 2015? The closest is Dubai's challenge. I don't know if I will run elite with Eneko Llanos, Jan Frodeno, Francisco Noya ... or in age. If it were in Spain, you would prepare the Spanish and regional champion. I also have my eyes on all the events that are organized by Kuwait, such as the North Face Challenge of 17 kilometers of standing on foot by the desert with dunes and loose sand; and the new Kuwait triathlon in Sprint mode, in which I hope to make a podium. But my great goal is to be able to participate in some IU series in Abu Dhabi in March if the Federation allows it. And, also in summer to be able to qualify for the ELITE Spain Championship. Personally, for this 2015 I would like to continue working to overcome myself, growing as a person both in knowledge and in the form of being. We will never become perfect but if we don't try it we will never know if we are more complete. Do you usually buy and sell sports material to other athletes? Yes, and it is very positive. In the triathlete world there are many compulsive buyers that do not use the material. It has also happened to me and I sell it. I have bought and sold second -hand material and I will continue to do it. [embed] http://youtu.be/3uqe2c_twgy[/embed]
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