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What were the best -selling bicycles in 2022?

What were the best -selling bicycles in 2022?

Despite problems such as the crisis of the supply chain, of which the sector has not yet been forgotten, the bicycle industry continues to grow. And he did so in 2022. This is the panorama in which all the analyzes coincide. From Tuvalum, as every year, we also want to contribute our vision. For this reason, we share with you some figures and conclusions derived from our Tuvalum report on the second -hand market 2022. What are the marks preferred by the cycling community? What are the best -selling models in each category? What is the panorama of the sale of reconditioned bikes in Europe? And in Spain? In Tuvalum we sell thousands of bikes. In fact, we are the number 1 website in Europe for sale of reconditioned bicycles, certified and with guarantees. All this allows us to process thousands of operations and accumulate valuable knowledge about the preferences of fans and bike fans. Today we put all that flow at your disposal, so that you enjoy it and contrasts with your tastes and preferences. Next, we offer you second -hand market data in Europe and Spain. If we had to draw a general map of 2022, in our country more road bikes and electric bikes were sold, but less mountain and serious than in the old continent. In relative terms, it is understood. But not everything is so simple, so we already enter details. Seem to you?

The 10 best -selling bicycle brands (Europe)

Let's start talking about the brands that led the European second -hand bicycle market in 2022, based on transactions made in Tuvalum. As in preceding seasons, Orbea remains the reference mark. From January to December 2022 we sold more bicycles from the Basque manufacturer than from any other brand. However, it should be noted that the distance between the Mallabia brand and the second classified has been shortly shortened during this period of time. If in 2021 that distance was 3.70 percentage points, in 2022 this difference is located in less than half (1.44 points). Translating: Orbea Heads the list of reconditioned bikes best selling in Europe (10.78% of the total), ahead of Giant (9.34%) and Specialized (8,61%). As for the first three positions, the actors of previous years repeat. Orbea remains at the command, but there is an exchange of positions between Specialized and Giant with respect to 2021. The Taiwanese brand stars in a Sorpasso In 2022, advancing to the American and going on to occupy the second position in sales volume. It must also be said that the difference in sales between Orbea and its persecutors decreases with respect to the previous year. If in 2021 that difference was 3.7 percentage points, in 2022 the gap was reduced to below 1.44 points. Or what is the same: 10.78% of the bikes we sold in 2022 were from the Orbea brand, ahead of 9.34% that Giant represented in the same period. For the rest, the panorama of brands represented among the ten best sellers does not vary in excess with respect to 2021. Lapierre It is the only one that sneaks into this classification with respect to the previous exercise, leaving the German Cube. Beyond this circumstance, variations are barely detected. If perhaps, a decrease in the classification of Merida, which passes from sixth to the tenth position, losing market share (from 5.60% to 2.18%). Or also the descent of Bh; Even keeping in the seventh place loses about 2.5 percentage points with respect to 2021 (5.50% vs. 2.88%). To put this data in context, it must be taken into account that in 2022 in Tuvalum bicycles of more than 120 different brands were sold. Good. We are already clear what the best -selling reconditioned bicycle brands in Tuvalum have been. But what are the best selling models? In the following image we show you. It is inevitable to underline, again, the presence of orbea on this list. Nothing less than four of their bikes occupy a position in the top10. And not only that, but three of them take the first three positions: two mountain models (Soul and Oiz) and a road model (Killer whale).
👉🏼​ Sales leader. The Orbea Alma It was the best -selling reconditioned bike in Tuvalum for 2022, with a market share of 3.54%. Orbea Alma 2022 Consultation here All Models orbea Alma available in our catalog.
Therefore, it is a rigid Made in Spain the one that leads the classification of the most desired bikes of 2022 in the second -hand market, ahead of its sister of double suspension (Orbea Oiz), which headed the list previously. One more evidence that, although it might seem otherwise, the segment Hardtail For XC it is still very, very alive. Nor let's forget the presence of the Avant, the most version endurance Orbea, of course. Here, the complete top10, where the presence of a couple of models also highlights Scott: The Scott Spark and the Scott Scale. The sum of the sales of both, in any case, does not even exceed soul numbers, which represents 3.54% of all the bikes we sold in Tuvalum between January and December 2022. We continue talking about specific models in a European context. But we are one more step. In the following table, we reflect the best -selling reconditioned bikes depending on the cycling modality. You know, it's those that had more acceptance for 2022 on our platform. Again, Orbea models lead sales in the specialties, say, more traditional: road, mountain and triathlon. They also occupy a privilege post in the Serlal segment. In fact, the model Terra accommodates among the first three Super Survents of the category, improving the fifth position of the previous exercise (2021). That said: here, the best -selling reconditioned bikes in Tuvalum, classified by cycling category.
1- Orbea orca 1- Orbea Alma 1- Orbea Ordu 1- Specialized diverges 1- Specialized Turbo Levo
2- Trek Madone 2- Orbea Oiz 2- BH Airight 2- Megamo Jakar 2- Cube Stereo Hybrid
3- Giant Tcr Advanced 3- Scott Spark 3- Cervélo P-Series 3- Orbea Terra 3- Specialized Turbo Kenevo
4- Orbea Avant 4- Scott Scale 4- Argon 18 E-117 4- Cannondale Topstone 4- Trek Powerfly
5- Merida Reacto 5- Specialized Epic 5- Felt ia 5- Canyon infitated 5- Giant Stance E+
6- Trek Emonda 6- Giant Anthem 6- Stevens Super Trophy 6- Giant Revolt 6- Megamo Ridon Fs
7- Specialized Tarmac 7- Cannondale scalpel 7- Argon 18 E-119 7- Cannondale Topstone Carbon 7- Scott Stike Eride
8- Berria Belador 8- Berria Bravo 8- Argon 18 E-12 8- bh grave x 8- Focus Jam2
9- Giant Propel Advanced 9- Orbea Occam 9- Canyon Speedmax 9- Merida silex 9- Trek Rail
10- Giant propel 10- KTM Scarp 10- Specialized Shiv 10- Bianchi Impulso Allroad 10- Scott E-Spark
  Of the 50 best -selling bicycles by categories, Orbea contributes seven models, Giant and Specialized with six, while Trek and Scott They place four on the list. Apart from the domain From the Basque brand, Specialized's leadership is very relevant in the only two categories that Orbea does not lead: the diverge is the best selling by Tuvalum in the Serlal mode and the same goes for the Turbo Levo in the e-bike segment . Finally, we can also highlight the presence of three Spanish brand models among the ten favorite bikes of our users in the Serlal mode. Here, special mention for the Megamo Jakar, which occupies a second place and constitutes one of the references of the category.

The ten best -selling bicycle brands in Spain

Although in different order and proportion, 90% of the reconditioned brands that we sell in Spain coincide with those we sell global. The only difference is the presence of Lapierre in the European top10, which gives its position to Megamo in Spain. Orbea sells 71% more than the second brand with more success in sales, while three Spanish firms appear among the best selling in 2022: Orbea, BH and Megamo itself. This is the general panorama of the best -selling brands in Spain within the second -hand market. It is interesting to reflect that the three leading brands in Spain are also in markets such as French, Italian and German, where Tuvalum also has intense activity. Technically, almost the same highway second -hand bikes (40.78%) as mountain (39.51%) are sold in Spain. In relative terms, and speaking of other modalities, we must stress again that Spanish buyers acquire 40% less serious bicycles than in Europe. This data speaks to the clear margin of this cycling modality. Here are the best -selling reconditioned bicycle brands in the Spanish market, classified by cycling category.
1- Giant 1- Orbea 1- Argon 18 1- Cannondale 1- Specialized
2- Orbea 2- Scott 2- Orbea 2- Megamo 2- Scott
3- Trek 3- Specialized 3- Specialized 3- Specialized 3- bh
4- Specialized 4- Trek 4- Canyon 4- Orbea 4- Orbea
5- Merida 5- Cannondale 5- Giant 5- Giant 5- Giant
6- bh 6- Giant 6- bh 6- Merida 6- Cannondale
7- Scott 7- bh 7- Stevens 7- Canyon 7- Cube
8- Canyon 8- Megamo 8- Cervélo 8- Conor 8- Megamo
9- Cannondale 9- KTM 9- FELT 9- FELT 9- Trek
10- Wilier 10- mmr 10- Quintana Roo 10- mmr 10- Haibike
  In 2022, Orbea stood among the five best -selling brands in all categories, with special presence in road and MTB modalities. Regarding sales volume, he surpassed in more than 8 percentage points to his immediate persecutor (Scott) in the mountain bike segment. On the road, it was located just half a point of the most demanded brand (Giant).

The boom of e-bikes

In his expected annual report, Strava reflected how the percentage of cyclists who carried out activities with electric bicycle in 2022 increased by 26%. And it is that the upward trend of e-bikes is unstoppable, both in a strictly sports and urban area. This is also confirmed by the figures we collect in our Tuvalum report on the second -hand market 2022. Our electricity experienced 52% sales in 2022 compared to the previous year. If in 2021 this segment barely accounted for 6.95% of the total sales volume, the latest available data places the figure at 10.58%. In short, Spain is a paid terrain for e-bikes. Thus, sales made through Tuvalum exceeded 21% the sales ratios at European level. Here the prominence of mountain electric is evident. In fact, we sell almost 6 times more E-MTB models than road.

Shimano vs Sram

The transmission of a bicycle is not a minor matter. 73% of the bicycles we sold in Tuvalum in 2022 were equipped with a Shimano group. The Japanese brand strengthens its presence in reconditioned bike sales. In fact, it increased its market share by more than two percentage points compared to the previous year (70.77%, in 2021). As you can see, the third in discord (Campagnolo), obtains an almost testimonial presence; Just 1% of the bikes we sell in Tuvalum set up the Italian group. Even being the majority in all categories and bicycle modalities, Shimano extends his domain differently, depending on each discipline. While on the road and triathlon its domain is overwhelming, the same does not happen in the Mountain and Grave Specialties, where SRAM has a considerable presence; especially in MTB. As for the reference models, all modalities show a clearly prominent model in consumer preferences that sought bikes reconditioned in 2022. On the road, Shimano Ultegra (in its mechanical version), clearly wins the game (36.5%) , surpassing in almost nine percentage points to the persecutor model: Shimano 105 (27.3%). With respect to 2021, Shimano Tiagra disappears and the SRAM FORCE ETAP AX Group emerges, which is another sign of second -hand bike sales mounted with electronic change. Ultegra R8000 In the MTB modality, the Shimano Deore XT group is the most common in the bike we sell in Tuvalum. In fact, it doubles to the second position (SRAM GX EAGLE). But it is in the Serlal modality where a greater dominance of Shimano is perceived in the first position of the ranking: the GRX group Triplica in sales to SRAM APEX 1. The presence of electronic change in the list is also remarkable. In the road mode, 3 of the 5 most acquired groups assemble this type of transmission, although at a notable distance of the mechanical models of Shimano that reign in this category: Ultegra and 105. And finally, a remarkable aspect in terms of transmissions is the decrease in the sale of bikes with initiation assemblies. Groups like Shimano Tiagra or Shimano Sora lose clearly relevance in 2022.

Other aspects of interest in 2022

Margin brands and models, in Tuvalum we have other data of interest associated with the sale of our bicycles. Issues such as material, braking system, suspensions, and even the sale price of bikes can help us contextualize the second -hand market. Part by part. In 2022, seven out of ten bikes sold through our platform mounted carbon box. Unquestionably, Carbon has much more presence in road than in mountain. 82% of models Road They were sold in this material, while this percentage was reduced to less than 59% in MTB bikes. Something quite reasonable, considering that accessing a Mountain Bike Carbon is, in general, more expensive. [Captation Id = "Attachment_6968" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Carbon fiber Image: Boggy[/caption] An interesting fact is related to the braking system that mount the reconditioned bikes that we put on sale. The acquisition of shoe brake models continues to lead sales. However, a trend change is confirmed year after year, in line with the evolution of the global market. If in 2021, 34% of the bikes sold assembled disc brakes, in 2022 this percentage already exceeded 43%, with the forecast it is still growing in future exercises. Another notable aspect, especially linked to mountain bicycles, is the matter of suspensions. The volume of rigid bike sales and double suspension in Tuvalum is quite even, with a slight difference in favor of doubles (52.42%). Finally, if we talk about prices, it should be noted that the average price of a bicycle acquired on our platform in 2022 was € 2,530, which represents an increase of 12% compared to 2021 (€ 2,239). He Ticket Medium by reconditioned bike grows in all categories, with the exception of the mountain electric bicycle segment, where it decreases slightly.
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