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What were the best -selling bicycles in 2021?

What were the best -selling bicycles in 2021?

In 2021 the Covid was again the protagonist. Many of those who had dodged the virus in 2020 fell in 2021, others remained safe from the infection but we all had a relative, friend or acquaintance who contracted the disease. Fortunately, vaccines avoided tragedies such as those lived in 2020. But Covid has not prevented us from losing the desire to go by bicycle. On the contrary, in 2021 the cyclists made more kilometers than ever. If you are active users of Strava You will have proven it with the annual summary that this social network has developed from the activity data of its users. More time pedaling, more kilometers and longer routes were the three ingredients that the bicycle gave us throughout the year. This increase in cycling activity also moved to the market and in 2021 more bicycles were sold than ever, both new and second hand. What brand was the best selling? What bicycle models were the market winners in 2021? Tuvalum is the number 1 website in Europe for sale of second -hand bicycles certified by mechanics. We have a database that records thousands of operations, we sell bicycles of hundreds of different brands and finished in 2021 we have made a summary with unique data: the best -selling bicycles of 2021 in Tuvalum. Among the most successful brand brands and models in 2021 are some acquaintances, but the year also gave surprises and new trends that begin to be observed. We present them below:

The 10 best -selling bicycle brands

Top 10 best -selling bicycle brands in 2021 Let's start talking about the brands that led the bicycle market used in 2021. The first, quite a difference, was Orbea. From January to December 2021 we sold more bicycles of the Basque manufacturer than from any other brand at a very significant distance from the following on the podium, which were Specialized and Giant. Among these three manufacturers, 30% of sales made in Tuvalum were taken, which means that almost one in three bicycles sold was an orbea, a Specialized or a Giant. To put this data in context, it must be taken into account that in 2021 in Tuvalum bicycles of more than 120 different brands were sold. The domain of the Orbea and Specialized bicycles in the second -hand market is so prominent that these two brands appear on the podium of all categories except one. In the case of the Spanish brand, it is out of the podium of the best -selling bicycles of Gravel, while Specialized falls from the top three placed among the electric bicycles. Giant, meanwhile, led the sale of road bicycles. In the rest of Orbea and Specialized categories, they always include among the three best -selling brands. Beyond the podium, the top-10 of best-selling bicycle brands used in 2021 varies from one category to another, as shown by the following graphic that collects the manufacturers that led sales in Tuvalum grouped by the different bicycle segments:
1- Giant 1- Orbea 1- Argon 18 1- Specialized 1- KTM
2- Orbea 2- Scott 2- Orbea 2- Cannondale 2- bh
3- Specialized 3- Specialized 3- Specialized 3- Giant 3- Orbea
4- Merida 4- Giant 4- Canyon 4- Scott 4- Trek
5- bh 5- Cannondale 5- Focus 5- Trek 5- Specialized
6- Trek 6- Trek 6- bh 6- Orbea 6- Focus
7- Pinarello 7- Merida 7- BMC 7- Canyon 7- Giant
8- Scott 8- bh 8- Cervélo 8- Merida 8- Cube
9- Cannondale 9- Mondraker 9- Giant 9- Ridley 9- Mondraker
10- Bianchi 10- KTM 10- Cannondale 10- Kona 10- Scott
  The year 2021 also gave some surprise. There are some disciplines where other manufacturers emerge as prominent leaders of their segment. For example, the best -selling electric bicycles were manufactured by KTM, which is positioned as a reference for the category, followed by Bh. Within the category of counterreloj bicycles and long distance, those known as Triathlon goats, number one in sales was for Argon 18. This Canadian manufacturer, specialized in road and triathlon bicycles, is very appreciated among the triathletes of both regular competitions and long distance tests (Ironman and Ultraman) due to the reliability offered by their paintings and their value for money. And that shows in the recurrence that their bicycles have in the second -hand online market. Some small brands have also sneaked into the different top-10, whether we look at the global ranking and that of each of the categories. For example, nobody finds strange to see Pinarello either Bianchi Among the ten best -selling brands of road bicycles, since both are highly valued by cyclists from all over Europe and their bikes are almost objects of desire by cyclists from all over Europe. But see Ridley and Kona in the Top-1o of Sales in the Serlal segment, or to Mondraker Among the best -selling brands on electric bicycles, it helps to understand that cyclists value the brands that do things well and offer products made to last thousands of kilometers.

The 10 best -selling bicycle models

Top 10 best -selling bicycles in 2021 The two best -selling second -hand bicycles in Tuvalum throughout the year 2021 were the Orbea Oiz and the Alma Orbea, which consolidates the domain of the Spanish manufacturer as the brand with the greatest presence in the second -hand market. In addition, two other models of the same brand appear in the top-10 of best-selling bicycles: the Orbea orca and the Avant Orbea. The Oiz Orbea is the most demanded mountain bike for its versatility and versatility within a segment that becomes more weight among cyclists: that of the so -called bicycles of Down Country, a modality that is halfway between the purest XC and the trail combining the best of the two worlds.
1- Orbea orca 1- Orbea Oiz 1- Orbea Ordu 1- Specialized diverges 1- Specialized Turbo Levo
2- Merida React 2- Orbea Alma 2- Canyon Speedmax 2- Scott Speedster Grave 2- Trek powerfly
3- Giant TCR 3- Specialized Epic 3- Specialized Shiv 3- Cannondale Topstone 3- KTM Macina Kapoho
4- Specialized Tarmac 4- Scott Scale 4- Argon 18 E-117 4- Giant Revolt 4- bh atom
5- Orbea Avant 5- Scott Spark 5- Argon 18 E-118 5- Orbea Terra 5- Giant Trance E+
6- Giant Tcr Advanced 6- Cannondale scalpel 6- BH Airight 6- bh grave x 6- Lapierre Overvolt
7- Trek Emonda 7- Giant Anthem 7- BMC TIMEMACHINE 7- Cannondale Superx 7- Orbea Wild
8- Merida sculptura 8- Merida Big Nine 8- Fel ia 8- Canyon infitated 8- Cube Stereo Hybrid
9- Giant Propel Advanced 9- Specialized stumpjumper 9- Giant Trinity 9- Giant TCX 9- KTM KapoHo Elite
10- Orbea orca Aero 10- Cube Reaction 10- Argon 18 E-12 10- Trek checkpoint 10- Orbea Gain
  A prominent phenomenon is that there are only 5 brands in the top-10 of best-selling models in the used bicycle market, which shows that there is a great concentration to general features: most bikes that are put on sale are of A few manufacturers. However, within each modality and discipline of use new models appear outside the great brands that dominate the sector. This phenomenon is patent among electric bicycles, where for example KTM has two models within the top-10. There also appears the Lapierre Overvolt as one of the best-selling e-bikes in its category.

Shimano vs Sram

Change groups best selling on 2021 bicycles 70% of the bicycles we sold from Tuvalum in 2021 were equipped with a shimano brand change group. The Japanese manufacturer is majority in all bicycle categories and modalities, although not in the same way depending on each discipline. For example, in the highway bicycle segment exceeds 91% of the total bicycles sold. However, if we talk about Mountain Bikes, the panorama is very different: mountain bicycles sold with Shimano changes were 52%, while those equipped with SRAM change reached 46%.
1- Shimano Ultegra 1- Shimano Deore XT 1- Shimano Ultegra 1- Shimano Grx
2- Shimano 105 2- SRAM GX EAGLE 2- Shimano Ultegra di2 2- Shimano Ultegra
3- Shimano Ultegra di2 3- Shimano Deore 3- Shimano 105 3- Shimano 105
4- Shimano Tiagra 4- SRAM NX EAGLE 4- Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 4- rival sram 1
5- Shimano Dura-Ace 5- SRAM GX 5- Sram Force 5- Shimano Sora
  Within each modality there are also trends in terms of the ranges that cyclists prefer. On road during 2021 the best -selling second -hand bicycles were those that carried a shimano ultegra change, followed by Shimano 105. This trend was also present in the segment of Triathlon goats, with the addition that among the 5 change groups that led the sales of used bicycles of this category there were two electronic type (Ultegra di2 and Dura-Ace di2). In mountain cycling with much difference the most demanded groups were Deore XT of Shimano and GX Eagle of SRAM, so if you have a Mountain Bike with one of these two ranges you surely be more likely to sell it before if it is equipped with another assembly . It is also significant that among the serious bicycles we most sold the specific group Shimano Grx, although it is a relatively recent change group.

Other market curiosities in 2021

3 cyclists with road bicycles More than 50% we sold in Tuvalum for 2021 were between 1 and 5 years old and only 10% were over 7 years old. The average age of a second -hand bicycle sold for 2021 was 4.3 years, although this figure varies depending on the category. The road cyclists bought a 4.9-year-old bicycle on average, while in the e-bike segment Middle antiquity was 2.8 years. This is partly explained by the fact that large bicycle manufacturers have begun to fill their catalogs of electric models precisely since 2017-2018. On the other hand, cyclists who come to the second -hand market in search of an electric bike do not seem to trust the models that have more than 3 years due to the battery and engine wear they could present. In the mountain bicycles the average antiquity was 4.1 years and in those of Serla 3.2 years. With regard to manufacturing materials, carbon is the king of the used bicycle market. 70% of those who bought a second -hand bike in 2021 opted for a carbon box. This preference is very remarkable in road cycling (86%) and lower among mountain bicycles (57%). There is still space for aluminum. Another trend between road bicycles was the progressive sale of bikes equipped with disc brakes. Traditional bridge brakes with shoes remain the majority option, with 66% of sales, but little by little the discs gain ground. This is because more and more bicycle brands have launched in recent years models with disc brake, unlike what happened years ago when this option was a minority. And what about mountain bicycles? Are more Mountain sold double suspension or front suspension bikes? Although a trend of the used bicycle market is that more and more cyclists are going from double rigid, the truth is that there is still a lot of demand for rigid bicycles -as those with front suspension are known. 49% of the second -hand bicycles that we sold in Tuvalum in 2021 had front suspension, for 51% that carried double cushioning.

Bonus: What wheels triumph in the second -hand market?

Top 10 best -selling bicycle wheels in 2021 In Tuvalum we also sell wheels, both mountain and road and grave. In 2021 Mavic was the brand that dominated the market in all segments. More than one in five wheels sold were from the Mavic brand. DT Swiss and Campagnolo occupied the second and third place of the Bike brands for bicycle best selling in 2021.
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