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The best electric bikes of 2023

The best electric bikes of 2023

Gravell electric bicycles have taken largely taken off in recent years. In fact, they have become one of the most versatile categories that exist. These are e-bikes that shine in any field and at any time of the year. With extra assistance, they become perfect bikes to enjoy endless adventures on the bicycle.
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Aspects to consider in the choice of a serious electric bicycle

Before presenting some of the most interesting models in the market, let's review some issues to take into account when acquiring a serious e-bike.

The motor

Gravel e-bikes are mounted with a central motor or with rear bushing engine. These latest models are usually cheaper and those that offer greater lightness, which can be an interesting option for those who contemplate Grange as a mode closer to road cycling. The central engine is located in the Pedalier area and is directly connected to the connecting rods.


The frequent changes of rhythm or the succession of ups and downs are a constant in the serious tours, affecting the autonomy of the e-bike. That is why it is important to acquire a model with a battery with good capacity. While on the road bikes the weight condition almost everything, even this aspect, in one of serious it is not so priority. As a result, it is common for serious e-bikes to have batteries around 500 WH, instead of the 250 WH, which is usually very common on road electric bicycles. In case the autonomy will fall short, many brands offer the possibility of setting up an extra battery, which usually occupies one of the bike's carriers. In this way, you will enjoy many extra kilometers of assistance.

Wheels and tires

Serla bicycle The irregular terrain compromises the grip of the tires of a serious e-bike. Therefore, specific with good grip and generous ball are an essential investment, In addition, the engine and battery increase the weight of the bike, so a plus of grip is needed to maintain good maneuverability. As in any serious bike without assistance, a generous wheel step will be important, to mount large tires and minimize problems with the mud. A pair of covered games is a good option, depending on the terrain through which you circulate. You can mount some more aggressive for your escapes on roads and trails and others light for tours where the asphalt and gravel are protagonists. Although most serious bicycles have 700c wheels, the 650b smaller diameter are an option if you want to increase the volume of tires. That can help add grip and soften the terrain, which can be particularly useful with the extra weight and power of an Ebike. As with conventional grave bikes, tubess tires prevent punctures and allow lower pressures, which provide grip and comfort outside the road.


Shimano Grx Groupset Pedaling away from the asphalt requires riding off -road developments. The monopathic transmissions are increasingly widespread in this serrel modality. With a wide range cassette, they allow almost any land to be faced. Although you have the help of an engine, it is necessary to have many short gear options. This is because, in general, the engines work better if you climb than if you do it standing on the pedals; Power delivery is softer and is easier for electronics to adapt to it. It is possible that the engine power delivery is abrupt if you are rising standing. In high -end bikes, you will find electronic transmissions. Its speed and reliability work very well with a motorized system. In addition, they usually require less maintenance than a mechanical group.


The versatility to make long -distance routes is one of the attractions of a serious bicycle. In the case of electricity, adventure possibilities multiply, so a good configuration should take this matter into account. In this sense, the possibility of assembling the lights and travel bags is an aspect to take into account. Many serious bicycles are well equipped with mooring points to load packages, install fender, etc ... It is also usual to have the possibility of installing a third portabidon under the lower tube. This will be particularly important if there is a battery extend, since it usually occupies the space of a drum.

The best electric bikes of 2023

What are the best electric power bicycles? Here we present some of the most interesting:

Giant Revolt E+ Pro XR

[Captation Id = "Attachment_9537" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Giant Revolt E+ Giant Revolt E+.[/caption] The Giant Revolt E+ Pro XR 2023 remains practically unchanged with respect to the previous model. It continues to use the excellent Central Shimano EP8 engine, which has a maximum of 85 Nm and an assistance level of 400% in maximum power mode. A very remarkable aspect of the bicycle is the use of wireless change Shimano Grx Di2, which also controls electrical assistance. The bike does not carry Display, but the Ridecontrol Go panel is perfectly integrated in the upper tube. Electrical assistance is controlled with the left change handle. It has ant+ connectivity so you can connect it with a compatible cyclocomputer, Garmin type. The brakes are GRX hydraulics with large 180 mm discs and mount 40 mm EVO Receiver Maxxis. The package is completed with a battery integrated in the 500 -Wh, which should provide autonomy around 100 km. It has a geometry that allows agile management. The damping of the wasch, the armchair and the handlebar make the Revolt E+ comfortable on bumpy terrain.

Cannondale Topstone Neo Lefty 3

[Captation Id = "Attachment_9535" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Cannondale Topstone Neo Lefty 3 Cannondale Topstone Neo Lefty 3.[/caption] With 30 mm front and rear suspension, thanks to the Lefty Oliver fork and the Kingpin absorption system, the Topstone Neo offers great comfort when you face difficult land. It also has a great power, with an 85 Nm Bosch engine coupled to a 500 Wh battery, which will allow you to upload everything you are. The bicycle has equipment top, riding an electronic group SRAM ETAP AX. Combine SAM FORCE components for road and SAM EAGLE parts for mountain bicycle. This provides a wide range of speeds, thanks to the 42-teeth road plate and 10-50 MTB cassette.

Canyon Grail: On Cf 7

[Captation Id = "Attachment_9534" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Canyon Grail: ON Canyon Grail: ON.[/caption] Fast on the road and equipped for your best adventures away from the asphalt: Grail: On Cf 7 is an authentic and versatile grave bicycle. This set combines exceptional comfort with extraordinary levels of stiffness, stability and control. In addition, thanks to its powerful motorized assistance, you can still enjoy more pedaling hours. It is very fun in technical land. Its 50 mm Schwalbe Bite Schwalbe covers are fast and have a good grip. The elasticity of the VCLS wasch increases the comfort of the tires. In addition, the Bosch engine is powerful enough to help you upload strong slopes with the turbo involved. In the cheapest modes, the 500 -Whish Powerube battery allows exceptional autonomy, well above 100 km.

Turbo I think SL Expert Evo

[Captation id = "Attachment_9533" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Specialized Turbo Creo Specialized Turbo Creo SL.[/caption] The Specialized Turbo I created the exclusive Electric Central Motor SL 1.1, developed by Brose and specifically designed for the Turbo range I think of road e-bikes. Silent and with perfect assistance at the precise moment. According to the manufacturer, the 340 WH battery provides an autonomy of up to 120 km in the lowest configuration. In addition, it is possible to acquire a extend To prolong the outputs to infinity. The bike comes with built -in potentiometer. In addition to the usual components of Shimano Grx, the bike mounts the excellent future shock 2.0, which provides a small front suspension, easily adjustable from the power of the handlebar. This provides comfort and reduces cyclist's fatigue in long distances. Another excellent feature is the addition of a telescopic armchair, something that is not usually found in other severe electric bicycles. The Turbo I believe is not cheap, but the price has not prevented it from being one of Specialized's best selling electric bicycles. In short, a large electric bicycle, as capable of as outside the asphalt.

Trek Domane Lt+

[Captation Id = "Attachment_9532" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Trek Domane Lt+ Trek Domane Lt+.[/caption] Being precise, the Trek Domane Lt+ is not a serious bicycle, but a very versatile electric road bike with a wheel step more than enough to mount covers up to 38 mm. Therefore, a model with a perfect response, both inside and outside the asphalt. The system Isospeed Front and rear allows a comfortable rolling on gravel clues. The Fazua motor system has allowed the weight of the bike to be reduced with respect to the anterior electric domane. It is also removable, so you can also ride a bicycle without pedaling assistance. Certainly, with a 50/34 plates set and a 11-34 cassette, you do not have the perfect speed range for 100% of the land, but that is where the engine enters to help you. Trek riding Shimano Ultegra di2, which means precision in change even in the most difficult conditions.


[CAPTION ID = "Attachment_9536" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Scott SOLACE SERLL ERIDE Scott SOLACE SERLL ERIDE.[/caption] The Scott Solace is a completely new serious electric bicycle in 2023. It is mounted with the same TQ engine and 360 Whish battery as the Trek Domane+. It has 100% carbon box and fork and the rival wireless serlambric group 1 Axs XPLR of SRAM. Scott is conceived as a pure serious bicycle. Proof of this are your 650b wheels, prepared to mount covers with oversized ball; In this case, 50 mm so that no path is resist. To this contributes a more relaxed direction angle (71º) and a more long wheelbase than the most serious bike standard Racing.

BMC Roadmachine 01 AMP X One

[Captation Id = "Attachment_9528" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]BMC Roadmachine 01 AMP X One BMC Roadmachine 01 AMP X One.[/caption] Another new electric bicycle by 2023. BMC 01 AMP X is aimed at the same market as Trek Domane. It's more a bicycle endurance than a pure grave model, with space for 38 mm tires. It is a perfect model for long routes on which the asphalt dominates, but without giving up track segments without great complications. Mounted with a TQ-HPR50 engine and 360 WHATHER, the BMC has a quality finish, where the D DiMin of D in the form of D and a power with Redshift suspension to mitigate fatigue when rolling on surfaces stands out irregular A fantastic e-bike with superb behavior in mixed terrain.

Basso Volta

[Captation Id = "Attachment_9530" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Basso Volta Basso Volta.[/caption] The Basso Volta was created with the Palta model of the Italian brand in mind, with the idea of ​​maintaining its great virtues in an electrical model. In fact, it maintains a similar geometry. Recall that the avocado maintains a concept close to the off -road racing bicycle, than to the most adventurous grave. The Volta maintains the same feeling of sports pilot, while the engine adds an aid when you need it. The bike is light, thanks in large part to the Italian Polyian engine. With 250 W (500 W max.) Weighs only 2.8 kg and presents one of the best weight-power relations of the category. The 75 Nm motor torque is a little lower than that of Bosch transmissions used by some, but still places the Basso Volta in the range of gravel electric bicycles and is combined with a 500 -WH battery. With 16.5 kg for the entire system, it is still light enough to pedal without assistance.

Serlal E-765 look

[CAPTION ID = "Attachment_9529" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Serlal E-765 look Serlal E-765 look.[/caption] We could define the E-765 look as two bicycles in one. On the one hand, it is a model up to 400 W. A useful application allows you to control and monitor the electrical system, in addition to the rest of the usual parameters. If you prefer to disconnect the system and turn the bicycle into a conventional model, the look is great. The Fazua system combines motor and battery in a single unit, which can be completely removed if necessary. In this way, you will get a road model with a little penalty by weight, but with the advantage of having storage space instead of the electrical system.
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