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Ten Serlal bicycles to escape asphalt in 2023

Ten Serlal bicycles to escape asphalt in 2023

The modality of Grave It is the finding (one more) that the clichés applied to the practice of cycling are meaningless. There was a time in which their paintings and components were only the product of the review of the cycling or road bikes. But everything has changed. The Grave has taken Your own course And there is already a huge industry that feeds the passion of all kinds of cyclists. And not only those with a pint of hipsters and lovers of the counterculture. That said, the devil with the topics! [IRP Posts = "4007" Name = "How to start in serious cycling"] Within this evolution, we do detect some unstoppable trends. We have always perceived Grave as something close to adventure. Who else, who least, has associated it with bikepacking and its derivatives. But this has also changed. We live an explosion of grave more competitive. The brands have been released to the design of bicycles where the search for performance is once again; in the same way as in modalities such as the road or XC. Speed ​​is an obsession, also on tracks, roads and trails. In Tuvalum we live the Serlal in full experience. Therefore, we want to share with you some of the bikes that we like the most. As we like to say, they are all that are, but they are not all that are. The list would be endless, and we know that you need time to go for a bike. And if it is on roads and clues, then much better.
📺 By the way, first of all: we assume that grave you like as much as we are. But if you are not still clear, here you can enjoy the charta we had with Javier Bañón, one of the great connoisseurs of this cycling modality. [embed] https://youtu.be/eyp4xo[/embed]
But let's go to the point: there they go The 10 best serious bicycles for 2023. Or, if you prefer, serious bikes with which to devour kilometers beyond the asphalt. Take note, because you are going to discover authentic wonders.

Giant Revolt Advanced 0: The pioneer brand

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8667" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 1 Image: Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 1.[/caption] Giant was one of the first brands to look at the serious face to face. In fact, its Revolt range is already history of this young cycling modality. His bikes are part of the Taiwanese brand catalog for a decade. His geometry was an absolute novelty, highlighting his Slooping, as well as a lower strap arrangement, disc brakes and a slender and flexible carbon beef. Many brands collected the witness and began to imitate this serious bicycle concept. The Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 0 is the top of the range. The painting was renewed in 2022. Combined with the Advanced SL fork, it is a saving in a scale of no less than 125 grams. The great work done on carbon is combined with a modified geometry, trying to obtain a higher general bicycle performance. The Revolt is somewhat more compact in its latest version, which entails a more sporty pilot. The direction fork has a good size, which provides a surgeon accuracy. The REACH, while the direction angle is 1st more open (it reaches 71.5º). The height of the Pedalier axis has also been reduced, to adapt to the tendency to mount larger and larger tires. The Pedalier box, meanwhile, has been reduced by 10 millimeters, which separates it from the ground 80 mm, compared to 70 mm from the previous version. According to the manufacturer, all these measures make the Advanced Pro faster, easier to handle and more precise in all lands. Giant also thought of a lower union of the rear straps, which are thinner, to better absorb the blows it produces from the terrain against the bicycle, damping their vibrations. The bike has a change patilla Flip-chip. What does this mean? Through a quick and simple adjustment, you can adapt the bike to your driving style. Everything is due to a rotating piece on the rear axle. Depending on the position, the wheelbase ranges in 10 mm. In this way, you can get the best bike performance according to the ground and your driving style, also obtaining an extra wheel step to mount tires up to 53 mm. For more adventurous Grave lovers, the Giant has many additional anchor points: in the fork, in the upper tube and below the lower tube. In total, six carriers for carriers, portaequipajes and fenders. It is also possible to mount a 30.9 mm telescopic shell. Here you can access the bicycles Giant Revolt available in Tuvalum.

Specialized S-Works Crux: The lightest of class

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8668" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Specialized Crux Image: Specialized Crux.[/caption] The Specialized S-Works Crux is designed to be the best racing machine outside the asphalt. It is light, with capital letters. Probably, one of the lightest in the market. In fact, it takes advantage of the benefits of the Aethos model of the American firm, the bike with disc brakes manufactured in the lighter series in the world. It is difficult to think of a serious picture like this, below its 725 grams in size M. The result -yet mounted -just 7.25 kg for a complete bike of range. Awesome. We are facing an extremely agile rise bike. If we add a great space for the passage of the wheels, the versatility is enormous. The option to mount well -wide tires in such a light model expands the horizon to infinity. Historically, the CRUX has been linked to the great Ciclocross events. Perhaps for this reason, unlike other Serlal models, it lacks supports for the holder, fenders and bags. We do not talk about a specified model for bikepacking or adventure cycling. Not at all. Nor is it an exemplary model in terms of integration, if we talk about cable routing and other paraphernalia. Crux is designed to roll On fire and without contemplations. It comes with standard potentiometer and almost feels like a road bike on handle on asphalt. Interesting also the threaded pedalier axis, designed for greater durability, as well as carbon armchair, very light and enormous capacity to absorb the vibrations of the terrain against the painting. The range has six available sizes (sizes 49 to 61), and all developed under the concept Rider First Engineered of Specialized. And what does it mean? Without going into details, it ensures the best performance for each picture size, using optimized thickness and shapes in each case. Nothing further from Coffe for everybody. A development achieved in collaboration with the McLaren car brand, after numerous research and the contribution of professional pilots. In summary, an agile, comfortable bicycle, with an aerodynamic driving position to give everything in GraveL competitions. Here you can access the Specialized bicycles available in Tuvalum.


[Captation Id = "Attachment_8669" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Grave Ostro Factor Image: SERLL OSTRO.[/caption] Can a serious bike be Aero? The answer is yes, and the Ostro GraioL factor is the palmaria test. In fact, it is a model in which aerodynamics flood everything. Nor could less than a brand deeply influenced by the world of motoring and aviation. Innovation is part of your DNA. The launch of this portentous machine took place on the eve of the British Grandl Championship of 2022, 50 km from the central factor headquarters. The act could not be more symbolic. The new Gravel Oster is an evolution of the LS model, which was already a machine specially focused on speed. Therefore, a complete review has not been necessary as the rush in models of other brands. Without going any further, Orbea completely renewed its Terra range last year. An important aspect is that the SERLL Oster is only compatible with electronic groups. This prevents, for example, to set up a group of as much solera as Campagnolo Ekar. It is not critical, but to take into account in models top. The bike has a completely internal cable routing. Aesthetically, remember the last generation of career bicycles for everything, partially abandoning the most slender lines of the previous LS model. In this way, the set is more aggressive and aer. In any case, the finish is brutal. The armchair shows a flat profile and the integrated carbon handlebar Black Inc. HB02 hides the wiring and transmits stiffness along the four sides. A slightly angled handlebar, for greater air penetration. The weight shows and influences its behavior. The painting, only 900 grams, is one of the lightest in the segment. Below, even many models endurance of road. It is a surprisingly reactive serious bike. It is no coincidence that reminds us of the Ostro Vam road model, well known in the WorldTour panorama. In fact, the British company has borrowed many of its technologies. Undoubted fierce thought for speed grave. Here you can access the Bicycles Factor available in Tuvalum.

Pinarello Grevil F: The beauty of the asymmetric

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8660" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Pinello Grevil f Image: Pinello Grevil F.[/caption] Move the speed of the road beyond the asphalt. It is the philosophy of this Pinarello Grevil F. In fact, since 2018, with the launch of its first serious bikes, the Italian brand wanted to position you in this more competitive discipline. A serious competition bike that was presented in June 2022, with aerodynamics and stiffness in the spotlight. The result, spectacular. In a first glance, the Grevil F exhibits the unmistakable geometry that characterizes Pinello's road models. Based on details, we find its characteristic Forkflap: A design at the bottom of the fork that stabilizes the air flow in the front and improves the aerodynamic penetration coefficient. He REACH is shorter and the Stack It is higher compared to the range of road, in the search for handling and comfort. The greatest angle of the vertical tube expands the wheel pass, allowing the installation of a variety of huge tires. It admits diameter wheels of both 650 and 700, with the possibility of mounting mountain covers of up to 2.1 ''. The lower tube has a flat cut in the front, very similar to that of the competition F Dogma F range. The front fork has been modified to obtain a greater wheelbase. Aesthetically, the Pinarello style jumps in sight. They dominate organic and asymmetric forms. Asymmetries that respond to the laws of physics, since the forces that act on the bike are not equal at all points. The clearest example is in the straps, which join the armchair tube at different points. For the rest, the lines are clean and with the absence of cables, thanks to the exclusive Ticr routing system. Here you can access the Pinarello bicycles available in Tuvalum.

BMC Kaius 01 One: Welcome to the future

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8664" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]BMC Kaius 01 One Image: BMC Kaius 01 One.[/caption] At a time when serious races are trend, BMC presents a machine specifically designed to compete: the new Kaius does this mean that it is not a bicycle suitable for the common fans? Depends. We are facing the off -road version of its popular Teammachine road bike. Aesthetically, the resemblance is undeniable and aesthetics is superimpia. The only but perhaps a somewhat stretched posture, which remains some comfort. But you can not have everything. Especially, when you see that the range of range barely exceeds 7.4 kg on the scale (in size 54, with two portabidones and tubess configuration); It is the little miracle of the BMC Kaius 01 One, one of the Grave star models by 2023. BMC pursued to increase the rigidity of the lower tube and the pods to guarantee a high degree of lateral stiffness. Objective achieved. The box is compatible with one and two dishes transmissions, and offers space for tires up to 44 mm. The Kaius BMC is available in 3 versions, with a price ranging from € 5,500 and € 11,500 of the range. All Kaius models are based on the same picture, carbon aerodynamic wheels, pirelli grave H belt The flagship model, the aforementioned Kaius 01 One, is equipped with a 1x transmission, while the two cheapest versions have a 2x transmission. Here you can access the BMC bicycles available in Tuvalum.

Megamo West Axs 03: Grave Serla

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8665" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Megamo West Axs 03 Image: Megamo West Axs 03.[/caption] It is not a novelty, but we considered that Megamo West should not be missing in our list. A grave -flavored serious bike for whom speed is not everything. One of the bikes of the list that best preserves the explorer. Carbon box and fork, comfortable and resistant geometry, wide wheel step, internal wiring, possibility of adding bags for your adventures ... Some of the largest travel suitcase manufacturers have chosen this model for the development of their products. The aesthetic aspect of the West is attractive and work in painting is simply spectacular. Three colors available for three different spirits: MUD Brown, Ocean’s Blue and Night Gray. It is a harmonious and clean bike, to which its hidden wiring contributes. A high steering pipe allows a comfortable pilot position. And if that were not enough, the painting allows wheel assembly up to 50 mm. Playing with contained pressures, you will get a more than remarkable flotability. It will not be like carrying a shock absorber, but it will not go far. The bike feels stable and fast. In short accounts, everything you need a serious with a value for money more than interesting. This model, which constitutes the top of the range, is planted at 5,000 euros; Nothing to do with most of the models described in this list. A 2022 model to continue enjoying in 2023. Here you can access the Megamo bicycles available in Tuvalum.

Berria Belador Allroad Ltd: Balance is written with b

  [Captation Id = "Attachment_8662" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Berria Belador Allroad Ltd Image: Berria Belador Allroad Ltd.[/caption]   It is not the first, but it is Berria's strongest bet in the Grave segment. The bike is made of HM2X carbon, a step below the carbon (HM3X) used in the top range of road range. The suspension system stands out. Behind, an original rear triangle design has the so -called Active Flex Concept (AFC), an own system that is not polluting when pedaling. The brand engineers have achieved a system that provides real vertical flexion, but without altering the lateral rigidity of the bicycle. Up to 26 mm of travel, allowing to absorb land vibrations. Here also the design of very stylized straps. You have to talk about the suspension of the smart front, a rock shox that offers up to 30 mm tours. The result: more traction and grip on committed terrain, and more comfort. And, of course, without sacrificing speed. In fact, the bicycle is perceived quickly in your response. In part, for its short pods, which also contribute to lateral rigidity. The Belador Allroad has halves for customizable carriers, which allows you to carry drums of different sizes, or adjust your position to facilitate access on the march. The 27.2 mm carbon armchair isch is compatible with telescopic typical. The bike has complete internal wiring. Recall that Berria was one of the pioneer brands in cable routing. It is able to meet the expectations of the most adventurous cyclists, but it is undeniable that it is a competitive profile bike. The flexibility of the Belador Allroad is maximum, and is demonstrated in the details. One of the most interesting is the extra space inserted in the upper tube to add a bag, in addition to the generous space in the additional luggage transport box. Belador Allroad is perfect, both for the bikepacking long distance and grave competitions. If we add to all this the possibility of customizing the bike through its Berriadesign program, the possibilities are already infinite. Here you can access the bicycles Berria Belador available in Tuvalum.  

Fuji Jari Carbon: Grave Spirit Old School

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8676" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Fuji Jari Carbon Image: Fuji Jari Carbon.[/caption] The American brand Fuji (formerly Japanese) arrived with his new Jari Carbon. A fully renewed picture with aerodynamic profile tubes and supercated straps. The bike has an elongated pedalier section, skillfully designed to host a practical compartment underneath. This configuration also allows plenty of space for bags of the painting, since, in addition, the portabidones can be placed in different locations. In fact, storage is a key issue in the new Fuji Jari. In the upper tube, a rubber section equipped with elastic moorings to hold small objects, or bars, or some gel ... has been installed ... The Sillin, in the form of D, has a soft section of elastomer to improve comfort through a certain degree of damping. It is a concept that we have already seen in other models of other brands. Known is, for example, the S-Flex shell that Merida mounts on its Aero React road bike. The clamp has an adapter to accept a 27.2 mm telescopic shell. The fork is adjustable in its displacement, so the wheel pass can adapt almost to any type of tire. For the rest, it has numerous fixations and accessories, with front and rear fenders, and the possibility of installing carriers in the fork itself. Here you can access the Fuji bicycles available in Tuvalum.

Wilier Rave SLR: Two bicycles in one

[Captation Id = "Attachment_8671" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Wilier Rave Slr Wilier Rave Slr[/caption] Its creators say that Willier Rave SLR are two bicycles in one. The Wilier Rave supposes the union of the All Road and Grave Worlds. When changing the wheels, a bicycle can be adapted to different modalities. Well, Wilier has taken this idea one step further, applying it to the components, both to the group and the bike cockpit. The Rave SLR surprises with its resemblance to the Aerodynamic Bicycle Fillante SLR of the Italian brand. In fact, the weight of the painting (less than one kilo in size m) is capable of highlighting many carbon road bicycles. The carbon compound is the same as his sister's. It is a bike of clean, compact and simple lines. A discreet, but very elegant aesthetic. A model that would not look out of place only on the road. To highlight the integrated handlebar (one piece) in the form of and, to which Wilier calls -curiously- j-bar. Regardless of the form, it allows a clean internal cable routing, a good aerodynamics and an indisputable rigidity. It is comfortable and stable. On the other hand, this aspect limits the space in the handlebar to mount any accessory. The character of the bike is aggressive and demand speed from the first moment. In fact, assembled with Gravel tires (38 mm, for example) with little drawing, it is so fast or more than many bicycles endurance of mid -range. An agility to which some 423 mm pods contribute, remarkably short for a serious bicycle. As for comfort, the driving position is balanced: neither too stretched nor too erect. Thanks to this, the bike is ideal for long runs, to which a picture contributes with an excellent absorption capacity on compact and soft terrain. A real wonder; A sports management, but very comfortable. However, in roads we accident or with a lot of loose stone, the bike is so reliable. Nor does the fact that the bike not tolerate covered with more than 42 mm helps. But this is a problem. Simply, it's about giving the bicycle its natural space. If, for example, you like to mount tires of more than 30 mm in a road box and get into cartiles from time to time, then the Rave SLR is for you. Here you can access the Wilier bicycles available in Tuvalum.

Stevens Road Pro: Imbatable quality-quality

[Caption id = "Attachment_8677" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "744"]Stevens Camino Pro Image: Stevens Road Pro.[/caption] Here the first carbon grass of the Hamburg manufacturer. A brand not excessively extended, but more than interesting given its benefits. Stevens did have a renowned aluminum models. Perhaps for this reason, landing in this segment has been a success. The pro -impressing road model immediately due to its low weight, content price and outstanding equipment. The bike has a REACH long, combined with short powers and a quite long wheelbase. The result, a stable and good management machine. From the first pedaling, he feels agile and light. Assembly options are endless. Figures can be mounted (it has a removable bridge for this purpose) and forkgings in the fork. You can also mount three carriers and a small bag in the upper tube. The only thing someone with a good palate can miss is a carbon armchair. But taking into account that the mounted bike does not exceed 8.7 kg, it is not something that is a priority. Abundant in the components, the Stevens on the road assembles an Easton Superigero connecting set, which is a rarity on bicycles of this price range. The transmission is sports, combining a 40 teeth single-sequate with a 11-42 cassette. The rest of the group (some components of the change and brakes) comes from the 800 SHIMANO GRX series, more than acceptable taking into account the price, which does not reach 3,200 euros. Compared to the cyclocross bikes of the German brand, the position is more stretched, but 2-3 cm more upright. A comfort to which the possibility of mounting wheels up to 45 mm also contributes. The matte finish of the painting is pleasant and the set is harmonious. Thin and slightly rounded tubes, an integrated armchair clamp and properly routed cables. The Stevens Camino Pro is oriented to SPeed G Ravel: Quick tours, with a minimum luggage. Here you can access the Stevens bicycles available in Tuvalum.

More serious bikes that you can't overlook

Yes, we know. In this list you will miss many Serlal models. As we have already said, in the photo they are all that are, but they are not all they are. Well nothing. If you have been wanting, here are some models that could well be on the list.

Canyon Grail CF SLX 8 Di2

[embed] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pozfbku7jsw[/embed]

Orbea Terra M21e Team 1x

[embed] https://youtu.be/h8x0gciwadu[/embed]

Cannondale Topstone Carbon 1 Lefty

[embed] https://youtu.be/elorn9iswus[/embed]

Trek CheckPoint SLR 9 ETAP

[embed] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=se2z6lp1vy0[/embed]

Vilo V+1 Race Edition

[embed] https://youtu.be/lltra7twmnc[/embed]


[embed] https://youtu.be/jv-hpqe4h4s[/embed]

Cervlo rough

[embed] https://youtu.be/-y_kohfiw0[/embed]

Cube Nuroad C: 62 SLT

[embed] https://youtu.be/id_sj7rdq2w[/embed]

Felt Breed Carbon

[embed] https://youtu.be/tkiic5se30u[/embed]

765 grave RS look

[embed] https://youtu.be/uu5bssri2so[/embed]
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