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Buy a second -hand bike updated in 2022

Buy a second -hand bike updated in 2022

Buy second -hand bike Equipped with the latest technology is perfectly possible. The acquaintance Youtuber Daniel Race He visited Tuvalum and together we could confirm it. In the company of Javi, our header mechanic, we tell you the keys to acquire a bike used with equipment 100% updated, both mountain and road. [embed] https://youtu.be/cusex8ap7hc[/embed]

Mountain bikes

If you practice mountain cycling and want to get an updated model, we propose that you take into account the following aspects:

Axes Boost

If you are looking for an updated mountain bike, you should make sure you mounted the calls axes Boost. Do you know them? It is not that it is a totally novel technology, but the most current MTB bikes are mounted. Summarizing a lot, the concept Boost It consists of a little more wider wheel bushings. This allows the use of wider covers with greater security. It also provides some more rigidity, which compensates for the plus of flexibility that a large wheel such as 29 '' has. [Captation id = "Attachment_7016" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "900"]Mountain bike transmission Image: Daniel Race.[/caption]

Monopath and 12 speeds

Transmissions monopath They were born a few years ago as a solution to the demand for simplicity, weight and maintenance reduction. Consequently, the 12 speeds They were born to offer greater versatility when it comes to the proper development. If you are looking for an updated MTB, this combination is yours. [IRP Posts = "3381" Name = "Should I change to a 1x12 transmission in Mountain Bike?"]

Direction angle adapted to your needs

The geometry of the bike decisively conditions the pilot. And a key measure is the direction angle, which usually ranges between 68 and 70 degrees. Although there is no established norm here, the trend points to bikes with the most launched fork (a lower angle), which brings more stability. Instead, a bike with a greater angle will be more nervous, but it will be more climbing. The choice is yours.

Internal wiring

While its functional importance is not key, a bike with cables hidden inside the picture is aesthetically more attractive. Don't even think about it. [Caption id = "Attachment_7015" Align = "Alignnone" Width = "900"]Daniel Race and mechanical road bike Image: Daniel Race.[/caption]

Road bicycles

If yours is cycling on the route and want to be up to date, do not forget to pay attention to the following elements:

12 -speed development

The 10 -speed cassette are part of the past. Today the 11 crowns are the standard, but no one doubts that a 100% updated road bike must mount piñonera from 12 speeds. In this way, you will get even more versatility, being able to include a more emergency crown to ascend ports such as a pro.

Disc brakes

Although there are still professionals who resist change, the offer of models with Zapata brake is getting smaller. He disk It is the norm. In addition, brands have improved their behavior in recent times. In particular, by increasing separation with the pills, which avoids annoying friction and noises. You already know, buy a second -hand bike, but do not give up the Postureo and to the use of the latest technology available.
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